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Ottawa chapter joins #ClimateMarch2017 to U.S. Embassy

The Council of Canadians Ottawa chapter participated in the People’s Climate March today. The march begin at Ottawa City Hall and made its way to the U.S. Embassy.

The outreach highlighted:

“We invite you to join the Peoples Climate Movement on Saturday, April 29th; as we march to:

– Advance solutions to the climate crisis rooted in racial, social and economic justice, and committed to protecting front-line communities and workers.

– Protect our right to clean air, water, land, healthy communities and a world at peace.

– Immediately stop attacks on immigrants, communities of color, indigenous and tribal people and lands and workers.

– Ensure public funds and investments create good paying jobs that provide a family-sustaining wage and benefits and preserve workers’ rights, including the right to unionize.

– Fund investments in our communities, people and environment to transition to a new clean and renewable energy economy that works for all, not an economy that feeds the machinery of war.

– Protect our basic rights to a free press, protest and free speech.”

This climate justice march took place on the 100th day of U.S. President Donald Trump’s administration.

The Ottawa Citizen reports, “Cherie Wong, an organizer of the Ottawa march, said the U.S. president ‘is a threat to the future of our planet, the safety of our communities and the health of our families.'”

The Canadian Press adds, “Trump’s administration is considering withdrawing from the Paris Agreement, which more than 190 countries signed in hopes of curbing global warming. Trump has also proposed deep cuts for the Environmental Protection Agency. In his campaign, Trump called climate change a hoax. Last month he kept a promise to the coal industry by undoing climate-change rules put in place by Barack Obama.”

Yesterday, Reuters reported, “Trump signed an executive order on Friday to extend offshore oil and gas drilling to areas that have been off limits… The order could lead to a reversal of bans on drilling across swathes of the Atlantic, Pacific and Arctic oceans and the U.S. Gulf of Mexico that Obama had sought to protect from development in the wake of the huge BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010.”