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Ottawa welcomes Mother Earth Water Walkers!

This afternoon I had the privilege of participating in the event to welcome the Mother Earth Water Walkers to Ottawa.

About 75 people gathered at Victoria Island in Ottawa this afternoon to show support to the wonderful women and young gentleman on the walk.

Mother Earth Water Walk 2011 is a group of Anishinabe women and men who are walking hundreds of thousands of miles for the water.

Along with a group of Anishinabe-que and supports, they walked around Lake Superior in Spring 2003, around Lake Michigan in 2004, Lake Huron in 2005, Lake Ontario in 2006, Lake Erie in 2007, Lake Michigan in 2008, and St Lawrence River in 2009.

The walkers have braved bad weather and physical exhaustion but are propelled forward by their love and commitment to water and to raising awareness on how our waters are under threat.

The walks began from the North, East, West and South in April and May. This Eastern group began in Bangor, Maine and will converge with other groups in Bad River, Wisconsin on June 12.

Each group is carrying a bucket of water from the four directions to add to Lake Superior when the groups meet.

Speakers at the today included Mishomis William Commanda, National Assembly of First Nations chief Shawn A-in-Chut Atleo, Grandmother Melvina Flamand, Lead walker, and the Native Women’s Association of Canada.

Following these amazing and compelling speakers, I read a statement of solidarity from Maude Barlow (to be posted shortly).

I will join them in their walk through Ottawa tomorrow. More to come!

To send messages of solidarity to the walkers, email waterwalk2011@gmail.com with the subject line ‘BLUE’. The organizers of the march are posting ‘blue bubbles’ with these messages on a map they have. Please include the place you are writing from and what body of water you would like your message placed on.

To learn more about the walk visit, the Mother Earth Water Walk website.