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Ravi Joshi, on tour for pharmacare townhalls

Personal Message from Ravi

Dear friends, 

After months of consideration, I have chosen to step back from my role as the Co-Executive Director and Director of Communications at the Council of Canadians. 

I began this process several months ago, in consultation with the senior leadership and then with the Board, with the view of ensuring that it can be used as a moment of growth and reflection and allow for continued momentum for the team and organization I love and believe so strongly in. Having now had the chance to spend time with the staff and entire team at a recent retreat, I wish to share the news more widely with our community. 

Working for the Council and serving its members during a time of transformation and renewal has been a passion and a tremendous honour. I leave my role with a lot to be proud of and relationships I will continue for many years to come. Most of all, I leave with the knowledge that my work can now be built upon and expanded on by the incredibly talented senior leadership. 

In particular, I want to thank our chairperson John Cartwright, a valued friend and supporter, as well as my co-Executive Director Christina Warner, with whom I have worked throughout these recent years on some of the toughest challenges I’ve known. And, of course, the talented and dynamic staff team and committed membership of the Council. It has been a privilege to work with such thoughtful, spirited, and loving people. 

With love and solidarity, 

Ravi Joshi

Ravi Joshi

Ravi Joshi is a Council of Canadians Co-Executive Director.