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Peterborough-Kawarthas chapter mourns the passing of chapter activist Carol Winter

The Council of Canadians Peterborough-Kawarthas chapter is reflecting on the life of chapter activist Carol Winter who passed away earlier this week.

Peterborough This Week reports, “A woman who dedicated much of her life to helping the less fortunate in the Peterborough community has died. Carol Winter, 75, died on Thursday morning, Oct. 19. Over the years, Winter worked tirelessly to helping those in dire economic straights without any desire for reward or recognition.”

Chapter activist Roy Brady tells us, “Carol was a regular member of the Peterborough and Kawarthas chapter of the Council of Canadians for 14 years, with particular emphasis on the environment, peace, relations with the local First Nations and a few chapter resolutions to our AGM on social justice and anti-militarism. She will be sorely missed and, at the same time, a local inspiration for even more social justice work. She hardly missed a chapter event, up until the last two months.”

And chapter activist Kathryn Langley shared with us a powerful and inspiring tribute by local activist Rachelle Sauve.

Rachelle writes, “Carol always understood that to conspire means to breathe together and so she dedicated her life to taking action to connect with, listen to, know, empower and breathe with as many people as she could as they were facing everyday trials, deep pain, terrible injustice, significant trauma, social ostracisation, criminalization and oppression. She dedicated every day and every breath to being an embodiment of compassion, courage, resilience, understanding and love.”

And she highlights, “We now mourn the devastating loss of one of the most loving hearts, brilliant minds and blessed spirits that has ever graced this community. She will forever be holy in all of our hearts. But instead of mystifying Carol’s contributions to our community as those of a saint [let us] remember that she lived to reveal the will power, transformational force, unrelenting love, capacious mind, and magnitude of spirit that human beings are really here to express.”

In 2012, Carol was named in a “20 most influential people” list. In response, she humbly stated, “Were I influential we would have a minimum barrier shelter, a community centre, a wildlife rehabilitation centre and several transition houses; there would be justice for Native peoples, comprehensive environmental protection, restorative justice, a healing lodge, a mothering house, a guaranteed national income, world peace, et cetera.”

That is the work we will continue with Carol’s example guiding us.

Last night, the chapter held a candlelight gathering at the T-wharf on Little Lake to celebrate Carol’s life.

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