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PETITION: Oppose Bell Canada’s purchase of Astral Media

The Georgia Straight reports, “A group of organizations calling itself the Stop the Takeover Coalition is opposing Bell Canada’s proposed $3.4-billion purchase of Astral Media. …Astral Media owns 22 television services and 84 radio stations, including The Movie Network and HBO Canada. …The coalition, which includes the Vancouver-based group OpenMedia.ca and the Public Interest Advocacy Centre, argues the takeover could lead to higher prices and fewer choices for consumers. …The coalition also includes the Consumers’ Association of Canada, the Council of Canadians, and the Council of Senior Citizens’ Organizations of British Columbia. …The group is encouraging Canadians to send their comments to the Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission, the Competition Bureau, and other decision-makers to oppose the proposed takeover.” To send the message — “I believe strongly that this move will create excessive concentration of Canadian media and communications assets. Bell’s accumulation of indispensable content brands, including Astral, will further enable and incentivize Bell to restrict Canadians’ telecom, news, and media choices. Bell’s proposed acquisition of Astral Media must not be allowed to proceed.” — go to http://stopthetakeover.ca/.