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POLL: 58% of Canadians support Occupy

The Globe and Mail reports, “Most Canadians who know about the Occupy Wall Street movement view it favourably, a new poll has found, reflecting anxiety over job prospects and savings plans amid Canada’s fragile economic recovery. The Nanos Research poll conducted for The Globe and Mail and La Presse found that 58 per cent of Canadians who are aware of the protests have a favourable or somewhat favourable impression of them. Many of those who see the Occupy movement in a positive light said it’s because they either support the demonstrations or think protesters are expressing valid concerns. …’For many Canadians, they might not necessarily agree with those views, but they think that they are valid. Those are legitimate concerns that are being raised about our democratic and financial system,’ (pollster Nik) Nanos said.”

“The most significant demographic that views the Occupy movement favourably is people who are between 18 and 29 years of age, the poll found, which may be reflective of a tough job market for new workers. Nearly 73 per cent of people under 30 said they have a favourable or somewhat favourable impression of the protests. Although respondents in their 40s view the protests less favourably than other demographics, about 50 per cent of them still expressed a favourable or somewhat favourable impression of the protests. People in their 60s had the most polarized reactions to the protests, with 34 per cent saying their impression is favourable and 32 per cent saying it is unfavourable. …Most of those who viewed the Occupy protests unfavourably said it was because they believed it was pointless or lacked leadership.”

Additonally, “The poll also found a regional divide in support for the protests, with people in Quebec and British Columbia expressing the most favourable views of the protests, while those in the Prairies had the least favourable responses.”

The poll results come as various municipalities across Canada seek to shut down the occupations.
The Council of Canadians first expressed solidarity with Occupy Wall Street on September 23. Starting on October 15, more than 25 Council of Canadians chapters have participated in 21 occupations across the country. Chapter activists, Board directors, and Council staff all visited and expressed solidarity with Occupons/ Occupy Montreal during the recent Indignez-Vous! conference. Council staff have also visited Occupy Wall Street, Occupy Mexico City, Occupy Amsterdam, and Occupy DC to express solidarity. We have helped to fund portable washrooms for Occupy Vancouver and Occupy Regina. We have also provided financial support to Occupy London and Occupy Toronto.

For blogs on Occupy and Council of Canadians participation in occupations across the country, please see