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Quill Plains Chapter Calls on Federal and Saskatchewan Government to Stop Cuts to Public Transport (STC)

Thank you to Elaine Hughes from the Quill Plains chapter who has written to the Wall government to stop the cuts to the STC. 

She wrote to Mr.Nerlien, MLA of the Saskatchewan party with the Saskatchewan government, and CC’d Mr.Goodale, Federal Minister of Public Safety, and Mr.Garneau, Federal Minister of Transport, in response to the recent cuts to the Saskatchewan Transportation Company (STC).

Hello Mr. Nerlien,

Apparently, the federal government has been willing and able to provide ample funding to render your government’s appalling decision to kill the STC null and void – ever since the budget was released on March 22, 2017!

Why has the Sask Party not taken this situation seriously, acted in the best interest of your constituents and agreed to work with the federal government to keep this public, essential SERVICE operating??Why have we been over-looked, ignored and arrogantly ‘thrown under the bus’ on this issue? You have left hundreds of rural Saskatchewan residents stranded – with no public transport – what gives you the right?

I await your reply,

Elaine Hughes

Recently, we heard from Regina chapter leader Jim Elliot, that he uses the bus to get to meetings. What’s more, in the context of climate change, we need more financing for public transportation. Why are we moving backwards?

Some may say that given the ultra-right Conservative government of Mr.Wall, it is futile to try to speak out. The recent wave of protests that stopped the cuts to libraries prove otherwise. After the government announced its cuts, a wave of activism flourished across the province, from petitions to rallies to the creative and remarkable “read-ins” – a simple yet highly effective act where masses of people gathered at libraries and read books. The people were victorious and the government back-peddled on its decision. Now let’s stop the cuts to public transport!

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