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Rally on June 30 in Toronto against Doug Ford’s agenda

Facebook event page for this rally.

With just 40.5 per cent of the popular vote, PC leader Doug Ford has won a 76-seat majority government in Ontario’s 124-seat legislature.

Among the key issues of concern we have already identified with his agenda:

1- his opposition to a universal single-payer pharmacare program,

2- his promise to find “efficiencies” in the province’s public health care system,

3- his support for the bottled water industry, very likely including permits for continued Nestle bottled-water takings in southern Ontario,

4- his opposition to the Green Energy Act that encouraged renewable energy in the province,

5- his promise to “cut red tape and stifling regulations”, which is often code for cuts to environmental protections.

Ford has also promised to scrap the planned minimum wage increase, to cut the corporate tax rate, to reduce government spending by $6 billion over three years by finding “efficiencies”, and “to uphold free speech on campuses and in classrooms” (worrisome given the support he has received from white supremacist groups).

By contrast, we call for public investments in green infrastructure, universal access to prescribed medicines, the protection of water sources, recognition of Indigenous rights, fair taxation, public ownership, public services, strengthening workers’ rights, electoral reform, inclusiveness and equality, and constraints on corporate power.

The next Ontario election won’t be until June 9, 2022 so we have a lot of work to do to stop Ford’s agenda over the next four years.

A good first start is this rally taking place in Toronto on June 30, the day after Ford is sworn in as premier of the province.