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Regina chapter protests against police violence

Regina rally

Photo by Jim Elliott.

The Council of Canadians Regina chapter took part in a protest against police violence yesterday.

CTV reports, “March 15 is the International Day Against Police Brutality and demonstrators took over the front steps of the Regina Police Service headquarters. …The protesters marched peacefully from City Hall to the headquarters of the Regina Police Service where they described some negative experiences with police officers. …The protestors shared their complaints and presented a list of their concerns.”

The Global News article quotes Bob Hughes, one of the organizers of the march, stating, “In some significant portion of the population in Saskatchewan, there is a problem with police abuse and violence and racial profiling. I guess we’re looking at it positively, trying to make a change.”

Regina chapter activist Jim Elliott has posted photos of the protest and noted, “Community concerns regarding police practices in Regina. Rally in front of the Regina Police Service building after marching from Regina City Hall. Great job everybody.”

In January, the Regina Leader Post reported that two male Regina police officers allegedly drove 25-year-old Brooke Watson, who has the cognitive ability of a 14-year-old, out of town in a police cruiser and removed her boots and coat after a report of public intoxication. The news report says the young woman was traumatized by the incident and lives in fear now. A Huffington Post article by Seneca College law professor Dyanoosh Youssefi on instances of police violence across the country can be read here.