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Regina chapter in solidarity with Colonialism No More camp

The Council of Canadians Regina chapter is asking its supporters to help the Colonialism No More – Solidarity Camp which is set up in front of the INAC (Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada) office in Regina (Treaty 4 territory).

Chapter activist Jim Elliott notes the camp has been there for 26 days now.

In late-April, the Regina Leader Post reported, “On April 18, protesters set up camp in the front of 1827 Albert St. where the [INAC] office is located. …Sue Deranger, a member of the Colonialism No More Solidarity Camp, [said] there are no plans to leave the site any time soon.”

Earlier today, the camp tweeted, “There are currently 17 First Nations in SK w Boil Water Advisories, some going back more than 10 years. One example of why we’re here.”

The Leader Post notes, “On [April 21] a six-foot metal fence was placed on the property line in front of the INAC building, but protesters only moved their tents outside of the fence onto public property and stayed put. The fence was removed the following day as protesters continued with their peaceful demonstration.”

And it highlights, “Deranger said the group has received nothing but positive messages from the public, which is helpful because it’s not easy to sleep on concrete. She said people have been stopping by the camp with food and supplies. …A secondary campsite has been established [where] camp supporters have a sacred fire going. Deranger said the fire will continue to burn for as long as the protest lasts and donations of wood are needed.”

Elliott notes, “To the credit of Regina residents and others, there has been sufficient support to keep this camp going but needs are not being met or are putting excessive pressures on a few people.The Council of Canadians is asking for your help. Today, they are looking for people with cooking skills or can help around food preparation. If you want to help with the cooking, contact Chris (cmkortright@sasktel.net) or Michelle (Michelle.Stewart@uregina.ca). They would also like others to simply come around, chat and hang out, mornings, evenings or weekends.”

Monday May 16 will mark the one-month anniversary of the camp.

For more, see the Colonialism No More – Solidarity Camp Facebook page and on Twitter here.

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