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Ricochet a counterweight to corporate media

Ricochet newsWe know that the bias of corporate media impedes the information we need on the key issues of our day, including climate change, austerity, and Indigenous-led struggles. Independent media therefore provides critical news stories for those of us in activist movements and for the broader public.

We are grateful for rabble.ca and The Media Co-op, and now we are thrilled to welcome Ricochet!

Reflecting on the minimal or skewed mainstream coverage of the Quebec student strike and Idle No More, Derrick O’Keefe writes, “All this has led a number of us, in Quebec and throughout Canada, to found RicochetMedia.ca, an ambitious new bilingual online publication.”

He explains, “Ricochet is the product of collaboration between anglophones and francophones in a plurinational Canada, informed by an understanding of our colonial histories and supportive of contemporary Indigenous struggles. Ricochet brings together anglophones and francophones within the same publication, composed of two editions which maintain their editorial independence.”

If you look at the team that Ricochet has brought together, you’ll see a group of ten people – including O’Keefe, Ethan Cox and Cloé Zawadzki-Turcotte – with impressive experience, diverse backgrounds, and evident dynamism. They also have a great roster of contributors, including Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois, Emma Pullman and Melissa Mollen Dupuis.

Interestingly, the Financial Post has reported on the funding model for Ricochet. That article notes, “Readers [will] be able to sign up for automatic small payments – perhaps 50 cents or a dollar – to be charged to their credit card when articles by a favourite reporter or opinion writer, or stories on a particular subject of interest, are published.”

For more about Ricochet, check out their website, their Facebook page, and their Twitter feed.