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Right to water blocked again!

The Ministerial process aimed at producing a declaration on the outcomes of the World Water Forum has just closed. We’ve just heard that Brazil, Egypt and the US have prevented the right to water from being recognized as a human right. There was a proposal to include an appendix with comments from each country. Shockingly, the chair, a representative of the Turkish government, reported that the Governors of the World Water Council needed to be consulted before an appendix could be added.

We are starting to see more and more cracks in this farce of a process that pretends to be democratic. Governments wanting their comments to be made public are now awaiting the permission of the corporate-run World Water Council. Sources inside the meetings tell us that Switzerland was appalled. Uruguay declared even before the opening of the Forum that they would call for a counter declaration if the right to water was blocked.

The sense is that this time around, they will be able to get many more than the four countries that signed the counter declaration calling for water to be recognized as a human right. At the last WWF in 2006, Cuba, Venezuala, Bolivia and Uruguay signed on to the counter declaration.