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Shell caps wells offshore Nova Scotia’s South Shore just in time for CPONS and chapter event

The South Shore chapter of the Council of Canadians, alongside the Campaign to Protect Offshore Nova Scotia (or CPONS) is planning an event for this Sunday January 29th at the Mahone Bay Centre called, “Do Oil and Water Mix? Strategies to Protect Our Offshore“. The event is from 1-4pm and includes speakers and break-out group discussions.

This event is happening by chance in the wake of a Canadian Press report last week stating that Shell Canada has capped its’ two exploratory wells in their Shelburne Basin Deep-water Exploration Project.

What sounds like good news isn’t necessarily such, as CPONS and South Shore chapter activist Marion Moore points out: “It is impossible to draw any real conclusions from this new development. We do know that it takes more than two wells to identify a commercial find. And we also know that Shell does not have to reveal their findings for two years. What we can say with certainty is that we won’t rest easy until our regulatory and environmental assessment processes are fixed.”

The South Shore chapter and the CPONS continue to raise awareness about the potential impacts of a spill, as well as concerns with Environmental Assessments and the role Canada-Nova Scotia Offshore Petroleum Board around their communities and with different levels of government.  

To see the poster for their event, click here.

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