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St. John’s chapter opposes P3 plan for long-term care facilities

St. John's chapter

The St. John’s chapter protested the plan for P3 long-term care facilities.

The Council of Canadians St. John’s chapter is opposed to Newfoundland and Labrador premier Paul Davis’ plan for a public-private partnership (P3) in long-term health care delivery.

CBC reports, “New facilities will be built to house the 360 new beds, which will be constructed, owned and operated privately. …Davis, along with Health Minister Steve Kent, outlined the basics of a plan to allow private or community sector groups to build and operate the facilities, with the provincial government paying a per-bed fee. …He also announced that the government will be getting help from Partnerships B.C., a Crown corporation in British Columbia, to help facilitate between the government and the private groups that will be running the facilities.”

CUPE-NL president Wayne Lucas says, “I’m absolutely shocked, and I’m hopping mad. The private sector is in it for one thing, and that’s to make a profit.”

And the article notes, “NDP Leader Earle McCurdy called on the premier to prove that privatizing long-term care facilities will provide good quality care at a reduced cost. …McCurdy highlighted similar efforts in Ontario and Nova Scotia that, in the end, cost taxpayers far more that projects that are publicly financed and built.”

Another CBC news report notes, “Labour groups held a rally at Confederation Building Tuesday [May 5] to protest measures introduced in last week’s budget, including public sector cuts and privatization of services. …The governing Tories will eliminate more than 1,400 public service jobs over the next five years, largely through attrition. As well, in a pre-budget announcement, government said it will collaborate with private and non-profit partners to open 360 long-term beds around the province. …McCurdy vowed his party will not privatize any services if it’s voted to government in the upcoming provincial election.”

The St. John’s chapter participated in this protest.

The next provincial election in Newfoundland and Labrador is expected before September 26 of this year.

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