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Summer pre-election campaigning begins

The Globe and Mail reports this morning that, “Federal politicians have kicked off a summer of undeclared election campaigning…”

“The Conservatives telegraphed what is likely to be a major theme of their summer campaign when Justice Minister Rob Nicholson held a news conference Monday to complain about the slow passage of his crime bills (and claiming that the opposition parties are soft on crime).”

“Also this weekend, flyers from the office of Transport Minister John Baird made their way into Ottawa mailboxes, saying Mr. Ignatieff will raise taxes if elected.”

“Liberals laid plans for Michael Ignatieff to tour the country in efforts to rebuild the party. …Spokespersons for Mr. Ignatieff said he will be travelling Canada, rebuilding the party (particularly in Western Canada)…”

“(NDP leader Jack) Layton said he will be ‘criss-crossing the country all summer essentially trying to make sure that the real impact of the recession is [made] public.’”

“The actions added a sense of urgency to what’s expected to be a heated summer barbecue season in advance of a fall session that could see the government fall.”

With the House of Commons recessing this past Friday, election speculation has now shifted to the possibilty of a non-confidence vote on Wednesday September 30 and an election day likely on Monday November 9.

Today’s Globe and Mail article is at http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/politics/leaders-start-summer-season-of-undeclared-campaigning/article1192896/.