Support the Anishnaabe Water Walk!

Ailish Morgan
6 years ago

From August 2 to 8, the Anishnaabe Water Walk from Eagle Lake to Shoal Lake covered more than 125 kilometers along the proposed Energy East pipeline route to raise awareness of the threat to water and to assert Anishnaabe People’s right to control industrial development in their territory.

More than three dozen people participated in the walk organized by Grassroots Indigenous Water Defence. You can still support the Water Walk by donating to cover the incurred costs of meals, transportation and supplies for the walkers.

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TransCanada’s proposed 4,400 km Energy East pipeline would carry 1.1 million barrels of diluted bitumen daily, converting a 40-year old natural gas pipeline from Saskatchewan to Ontario and linking it with new pipeline through Quebec and on to Saint John, New Brunswick. The pipeline will cross through Treaty 3 territory in Manitoba and northwestern Ontario, which contains 30% of Ontario’s fresh water and is the source of Winnipeg’s drinking water. Energy East will cross more than 1000 waterways along its route and poses an unacceptable risk to water.  

Grassroots Indigenous Water Defence and the Water Walkers pledge to continue to resist the Energy East pipeline that threatens their water and their territory. 

The Council of Canadians stands in solidarity with the Anishnaabe Water Walk and their frontline resistance to this pipeline.