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Support Migrant Workers

Migrant worker groups from coast to coast to coast have joined together and formed a single unified voice for migrant worker rights. 

The Coalition for Migrant Workers Rights – Canada (CMWRC) is comprised of members from Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario, PEI, and Quebec. The Council of Canadians is proud to be a member!

Together, CMWRC members have launched MoVE, a campaign for Mobility, Voice and Equality for migrant workers. MoVE is calling on Trudeau to act urgently to untie migrant workers from their employers. 

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Low-waged migrant workers are restricted to working for the specific employer listed on their permit. Changing employers is extremely difficult which allows bad bosses to lower salaries and work conditions for migrant workers. As a result, wages and conditions worsen for everyone in the labour market.

We have a new government in Ottawa that has promised real change. Let’s call on them to make sure they do so. 

We need to build a fair immigration system that values people, supports families and rejects divisiveness. That means justice and status for migrant workers.  

Please sign the petition right now. Click here