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Supporting migrant workers in Canada

The Council of Canadians was at a Migrant Workers Alliance for Change (MWAC) picket today at the headquarters of the Canada Food and Restaurants Association (CFRA), an employer lobby group, in Toronto. The Migrant Workers Alliance for Change called this demonstration to demand immigration not deportation for migrant workers.

MWAC notes, “An unjust ban has been placed on food sector workers, further taking away workers’ abilities to change jobs when faced with a bad employer. Migrants at the end of their contract, or those attempting to come to Canada and may have paid thousands of dollars to recruiters, are excluded. …We oppose exploitative employer lobbies who paint themselves as defending the rights of migrant workers. The CFRA has been advocating against an increase in the minimum wage, and has been silent on increased provincial and federal protections for migrant workers.”

The Council of Canadians shares MWAC’s alternative vision “Of permanent status, not temporary and dangerous work. Of higher wages, and equal rights and protections for all workers.”

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