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SWN takes anti-fracking activists to court

The news reports that Texas-based SWN Resources is suing twelve activists for lost profits, interest and legal costs related to the protests against fracking in Rexton, New Brunswick. The statement of claim names Ann Pohl, Suzanne Patles, Rachel Daigle, Wilhelmina Nolan among others. I’ve just seen the one Sun News article (not the best source of information) about this and a few Facebook posts, so it’s a challenge to understand the whole narrative and know how to best help. I don’t see a court date yet either, but trust there will be an ask for support when needed and if appropriate. I wish them well, especially given this can be seen as a SLAPP suit (a strategic lawsuit against public participation). The news article is here, the SWN Resources 7-page statement of claim against the activists is here.