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Syncrude charged in duck deaths

The Globe and Mail is reporting this afternoon that, “Syncrude Canada Ltd. is facing federal and provincial environmental charges and could be liable for up to $800,000 in fines and executives could be sent to jail in connection with the deaths of 500 ducks in one of the tailings ponds at its oil sands operation north of Fort McMurray.”

“The Alberta government announced the charge this morning under section 155 of the Alberta Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act, which states that ‘a person who keeps, stores or transports a hazardous substance or pesticide shall do so in a manner that ensures that the hazardous substance does not directly or indirectly come into contact with or contaminate any animals, plants, food or drink.'”

“Syncrude has also been charged federally under the Migratory Birds Convention Act for ‘allegedly depositing or permitting the deposit of a substance harmful to migratory birds in waters or an area frequented by birds.’ The maximum penalty is $300,000 or six months in jail or both.”

“The charges are being prosecuted jointly. Syncrude is scheduled to appear in Provincial Court in Fort McMurray on March 25.”

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