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Take action to support Pinehouse residents fighting uranium gag agreement

As a blog earlier this week pointed out, revelations last week that the northern Saskatchewan community of Pinehouse is set to sign a so-called “collaboration agreement” with uranium giants Cameco and Areva have sparked outrage in the community. Residents opposed to the deal say there has been almost no consultation in the community about the agreement and its controversial terms aimed at silencing opposition to uranium expansion.

Residents of Pinehouse who are opposed to the deal are asking for actions in solidarity to delay the signing of the agreement, which could come as early as next week, until adequate community consultation has taken place and the controversial gag-order terms of the agreement are removed.

Here’s the support that Pinehouse residents are asking for:

1.       Contact Cameco, Areva, the Mayor of Pinehouse and others involved in this agreement

Email, phone or fax Cameco, Areva, the Mayor of Pinehouse and tell them:

  • not to sign the collaboration agreement until full and adequate consultation with the entire community has been done and the community at large agrees to the terms
  • to remove terms in the agreement that attempt to silence residents’ rights to freedom of expression under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms
  • to remove terms that commit to support for future projects, about which community members have no details about and to which they may object

To group email key people involved in the collaboration agreement:

a)      Write your own message based on the points above

b)      Enter a subject line like “Don’t sign the gag order agreement without community consent”

c)       Copy and paste the following email addresses into the TO: field of your email program.
gary_merasty@cameco.com; darwin_roy@cameco.com; liam_mooney@cameco.com; darrel_burnouf@cameco.com; pinehouse@cameco.com; jarret.adams@areva.ca; glenn.lafleur@areva.com; richard.gladue@areva.ca; nvp.mike@sasktel.net; nvp.greg@sasktel.net; caroline.ratt-misponas@mcrrha.sk.ca; vince.pinehousedc@sasktel.net

d)      Copy and paste the following email addresses into the CC: field of your email program:
rdoucette@mn-s.ca; vince.pinehousedc@sasktel.net; nvp.glen@sasktel.net; info@cnsc-ccsn.gc.ca; sboyes@sna.gov.sk.ca; Warren.Kelly@gov.sk.ca; james.irvine@mcrrha.sk.ca; premier@gov.sk.ca; kcheveldayoff@mla.legassembly.sk.ca; jreiter@mla.legassembly.sk.ca; jnilson@mla.legassembly.sk.ca; pm@pm.gc.ca

e)      Copy and paste the following into the BCC: field of your email program:

f)       Press send!

You can also contact key people individually. Contacts are included at the bottom of the Committee for Future Generations ‘Take Action’ website post.

2.       Use social media to tell Cameco and Areva not to sign the agreement

Use the following to Tweet at Cameco and Areva:

And use the following hashtags:

3.       Help Pinehouse residents spread the word

Articles, analysis, letters to the editor and more are on the Committee for Future Generations website at http://committeeforfuturegenerations.wordpress.com. Please share the information on Facebook, Twitter and through your email networks!

4.       Express your opinion in the media

The Coalition for a Clean Green Saskatchewan has an excellent “Express Your Opinion” page on its website, where you can find contact information for major media outlets and elected officials in Saskatchewan: http://www.cleangreensask.ca/Home/express-your-opinion

Write letters to the editor detailing your support for Pinehouse residents’ right to speak up!