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‘Take Back Our City’ rally to challenge the Olympics

The Globe and Mail reports today that, “Although Olympic opponents still plan a large march to the site of the (gala opening) ceremonies at BC Place in downtown Vancouver, spokesman Bob Ages said they will co-operate with police to ensure the demonstration is peaceful.”

“‘It’s going to be totally non-violent and non-confrontational,’ said Mr. Ages, a board member of the Council of Canadians and part of the recently formed 2010 Welcoming Committee, a broadly based group that has assumed the task of organizing the Feb. 12 demonstration on the Games’ opening day.”

“So-called direct action against the Games caused many opponents to shy away from anti-Olympic protests, Mr. Ages said, so a decision was made to make peace, not war, for the big ‘Take Back Our City’ rally and march from the Art Gallery to BC Place.”

“When demonstrators reach BC Place, where a large security zone exists, Mr. Ages said they will stop where they are told. Some may decide to go farther, he said, but they will not try to breach police lines.”

“Mr. Ages said he expects the less confrontational approach to boost the number of marchers, although he was quick to add that the commitment to a ‘peaceful and safe protest’ does not rule out different actions by groups at other times during the Olympics.”

The full article can be read on the CTV website at www.ctvolympics.ca/news-centre/newsid=27495.html.