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Molly Kane
7 months ago

On election day, Canadians from coast-to-coast-to-coast overwhelmingly voted for parties that promised action on pharmacare, the climate crisis, electoral reform, and reconciliation with Indigenous peoples. Today, Prime Minister Trudeau has officially sworn in his new cabinet in Canada’s 43rd government. Each cabinet minister has been tasked with tremendous responsibility to act on these urgent issues.

The Council of Canadians has put together four mandate letters of our own on water, trade, the climate crisis, and health with a list of shared progressive priorities.

I want Council of Canadians supporters like you to set the tone for the new ministers. You can be the first person in their inbox on this important day.

Sign on to one or all of the Council of Canadians’ alternative mandate letters linked below.

We’ve collected your feedback from surveys and regional meetings, and we’ve worked with allies to set progressive priorities for the next government.

The mandate the Council of Canadians is issuing the federal government is ambitious.

We’re asking the government to establish a Ministry of Water to protect water by implementing and reinforcing the human right to water and sanitation, ending all drinking water advisories short and long-term, putting a stop to bottled water exports and removing water from the list of tradable goods in all trade agreements, and declaring ground and surface water a public trust.

  Water Mandate Letter sign-on  

The climate crisis letter calls on the Minister of the Environment to boldly commit to a Green New Deal; national transit; safe and accessible green public housing; Indigenous rights; and a just transition for workers and communities.

  Climate Crisis Mandate Letter sign-on  

Canadians want universal pharmacare, and in the letter to the Minister of Health we call for the implementation of pharmacare within the next four years. We also discuss pressing needs for mental health care, vision care, hearing and dental.

  Health Care Mandate Letter sign-on  

The trade letter calls on the Minister of International Trade to push for trade agreements that put people ahead of corporations, instead of prioritizing the rights of multinational corporations at the detriment of our climate and our societies.

  Trade Mandate Letter sign-on  

In this minority parliament, the government will need to listen to people like you and me, and work to implement our priorities. The Council of Canadians will hold the government accountable and push for change on issues that matter to you.

You can help shape a government that we can all be proud of.

If you’re motivated by these priorities for a better Canada, we welcome you to get involved in your community. Reply to my email and I can connect you with one of our regional organizers who will plug you into local Council of Canadians work on the issues we’ve written about.

Thank you for everything you do.

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