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Terrace chapter challenges Site C dam in letter to the editor

The Council of Canadians Terrace chapter has expressed its opposition to the controversial Site C dam in a letter to the editor.

Some of the key points raised in the letter written by chapter activist Mary Ann Shannon and published by the Terrace Standard include:

  • “The Site C Hydro-electric Dam would flood 107 kilometres along the Peace River Valley which already has two other dams flooding 70 per cent of the valley from previous dam projects.”

  • “The most expensive public project in B.C. history would destroy homes, cultural and historic sites, and threaten populations of caribou and grizzlies. There is no prospect of the highly unprofitable Site C Dam producing enough revenue to cover its $10-billion cost. And that then means skyrocketing hydro-electric bills for us.”

  • “Scientists say hydroelectric dams are not climate friendly or clean. Methane releases, which are up to 80 times more potent as a greenhouse gas than CO2 in the first 20 years, from flooded vegetation can emit more harmful gases than coal-fired fuel generation.”

  • “Harry Swain, the chair of the panel that reviewed the Site C dam for the provincial and federal governments said a prudent government would have deferred the project until the questionable need of the dam has been fully investigated.”

  • “Our provincial election is in May. Ask our candidates what they will do about Site C. Tell them that poverty in Canada is unacceptable. Advocate for smaller, renewable, clean energy projects.”

To read the full 676-word letter, please click here.

The Terrace Standard has a circulation of about 8,400 readers.

For more analysis, please read Vancouver-based Council of Canadians campaigner Emma Lui’s blog Your election guide to water issues in B.C.