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Thank you for your support in 2019

Before saying goodbye to 2019, all of us here at the Council of Canadians wanted to do something special for you.

We put together this little video to say THANK YOU for your tremendous continuing support and to show you the vibrant and determined people-powered movement you are a part of and help to sustain.

As you’ll see, together this year you and the Council took action in every corner of the country and beyond to bring about the better Canada and fairer world we all want and know is possible – none of which would be possible without you!

Just some of the highlights of our collective public advocacy work this year include:

  • Challenging head-on the creeping privatization and corporate capture of the commons – that which belongs to the people – including Nestlé’s outrageous bottled water grabs that are sucking up community drinking water sources.
  • Fighting dangerous and regressive government agendas that are gutting social services, denying climate change and vilifying public dissent, like Premier Doug Ford’s in Ontario and Premier Jason Kenney’s in Alberta.
  • Creating grassroots solutions to the climate crisis through our Green New Deal for Communities project, which charts the path to create good green jobs to transition our economies off of fossil fuels and build sustainable, caring communities.
  • Protecting water and expanding our Blue Communities Project to dozens of more municipalities across Canada and around the world, including Montreal, Los Angeles and Brussels, which empowers people to reclaim public control over their drinking water, reject bottled water and promote the human right to water and sanitation.
  • Achieving critical improvements to NAFTA, including the removal of the harmful investor-state dispute settlement provision, which allowed corporations to sue Canada if our laws infringed on their profit making, stronger labour and environmental protections, and stronger cultural exemptions for Canadian artist content.
  • Standing in solidarity with Indigenous peoples fighting destructive and polluting energy projects that threaten their land, air and water and violate their rights.
  • Advocating for a national pharmacare program that will save Canada billions in drug costs and ensure people no longer have to choose between buying groceries and filling their life-saving prescriptions.

This is tough work and not for the faint of heart. That’s why all of us here at the Council of Canadians are so gratefully to have you fighting alongside us.

Watch our 2019 Year in Review video!

And if you like what you watch, please consider making a special year-end donation to help us hit our 2019 fundraising goal!

In 2020, we will face some of these same challenges as well as new ones. But we will face them together.

Thank you again. Your support means everything.

Jamian Logue
Director of Development