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Time for the Museum of History to end its partnership with the oil lobby

Photo by Alex Tétreault


Earlier this week I had a chance to accompany our friends at 350.org and many local activists to to the AGM of the Canadian Museum of History where we protested the partnership that the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP) has with the Canadian Museum of History in Gatineau, right across the river from Parliament.


We gathered to deliver over 6000 petition signatures demanding an end to the partnership and took the opportunity to put the CEO and board on the spot during question period.


I had a chance to address the CEO and board on behalf of the Council of Canadians and question the role of the Museum in allowing CAPP to buy influence with its sponsorship of the museum.


By allowing the industry lobby association’s logos to be featured prominently for some of the exposition and in some of the promotional materials, the Museum is in essence endorsing CAPP’s activities and mission, that would promote the expansion of the fossil fuel industry.


CAPP has consistently taken action to block action on climate change, lobbied successfully to remove and dismantle environmental protections, and pushes an agenda that undermines and disregards indigenous rights. You can find out more at rightsideofhistory.ca



We live in an age of climate devastation and the crisis is real. Institutions like the Museum of History must make the choice to reject such partnerships or risk losing sight of the values and role they are supposed to play.


Efforts to transition will require public institutions like the Canadian Museum of History to take principled stances and embody the fossil free society we are building. Time to #CutCAPP


Photo by Alex Tétreault