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Top 5 Ways You Can Support the Kinder Morgan Pipeline Blockade

Last week, Kinder Morgan threatened a $5.6 million lawsuit on 5 courageous and concerned Burnaby residents who stood up to protect Burnaby Mountain from the Kinder Morgan pipeline.

The proposed Kinder Morgan pipeline goes against the will of the 70% of Burnaby Residents. They recognize the risks are greater than the rewards. Potential pipeline spills threaten water and fish, and fuel climate change. The pipeline also violates the rights of Indigenous Nations who have clearly said no to the pipeline on their territories. The Tsleil-Waututh Nation have launched a legal challenge of the project.

How we react to this is critical for setting a precedent for how we react to Harper’s dirty energy and pipeline agenda across the country. We can show oil and gas companies that whether it be on the ground with our bodies, or in the courthouse with our right to protest, we refuse to let these pipelines pass.

Top 5 ways you can support the Kinder Morgan Blockade

1. With your body: Our time has come to stand up to pipelines. We have been warned that the struggle for our future would come to on-the-ground resource battles, and that we would be called to stand up. Now is the time. Join us at the encampment on Burnaby mountain to take peaceful non-violent direct action to stand in the way of Kinder Morgan’s dangerous pipeline construction. There will be trainings and orientations happening throughout the week. Be sure to join us to Sing Out and Stand up for Burnaby mountain this Saturday from 1:00PM-3:00PM.

2. With your dollars: Unable to physically get out to Burnaby Mountain? A great way to support those putting their bodies on the line for all of us is to donate to the legal costs fundraisers Legal Defence Fund and Broke against Big Oil for those who have been threatened with a potential legal suit.

3. With your presence at the courthouse: On Wednesday, November 5th, there will be the hearing for the citizens against whom an injunction has been filed happening. If we pack the courthouse, we will send a clear message to the judge and the broader community that the public is on the side of the land defenders, not Kinder Morgan.  Join us Wednesday, November 5 at 8:30 a.m. at Vancouver Courthouse 800 Smithe St. for the press conference and court solidarity.

4. With your organizational support: Are you part of an organization that cares about the environmental and social justice? Will your organization sign on to the organizational call-out? Join the over 30 organizations who have already signed on.

5. With your voice: Please share the word of what is happening to friends and family. Please share this article on Facebook and twitter with friends you think would be interested in supporting.

Thank you!