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Toronto against the TPP

This blog written by Gerard Di Trolio.

Nearly 100 people turned out to the Toronto Chapter’s panel event last night – “Challenging the TPP”. Giving presentations at the panel were Jennifer Chesnut of the Council of Canadians London Chapter, our Health Care campaigner Michael Butler, Raul Burbano of Common Frontiers, and lawyer Steven Shrybman.

Each of the speakers brought a different perspective on how and why the TPP must be stopped. Jennifer spoke about the work the London chapter is doing to oppose TPP and anti-TPP movements at the grassroots across Canada. Michael discussed one of the most contentious issues related to the TPP – its negative impact on pharmaceutical patents and prices. Raul went over the many different types of resistance to the TPP going on around the world and Steven covered how the TPP would negatively affect workers in Canada.

Judging by the strong turnout on a week night, you can expect many Canadians to continue to stay engaged and get involved in stopping the TPP, especially given the farcical public hearings that International Trade Minister Chrystia Freeland has been holding across the country recently. The battle is not over yet.

For more info on the public hearings: http://canadians.org/blog/most-unpublic-public-hearing-tpp