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UN-Water to meet in Hamilton, Feb. 2-4

A UN-Water media release states that, “More than two dozen leading United Nations water experts will convene in Hamilton, Canada Feb. 2-4 to plan fresh strategy for a coordinated approach to the global water crisis that increasingly threatens both human health and international security.”

“At its first-ever meeting in Canada, the group known as UN-Water will also formalize international ceremonies to mark the World Water Day 2010 (March 22) and help set both direction and UN agency contributions for the next triennial World Water Development Report in 2012.”

“The meeting is being convened by UN-Water’s new Chair, Zafar Adeel, Director of the United Nations University’s Hamilton-based Institute for Water, Environment & Health.”

Dr. Adeel says, “My goal as the UN-Water Chair is to demonstrate the significance of water issues in global policy debates, including the ongoing financial crisis as well as food security, climate change, international peace and stability. Water is central to each of those debates but typically isn’t seen as such.”

UN-Water is composed of representatives of 26 UN organizations, as well as the International Federation of Private Water Operators, the Global Compact, Global Water Partnership, the World Water Council, and Public Services International.

The full release is at http://www.physorg.com/wire-news/24062307/water-experts-of-26-un-agencies-to-meet-in-canada-plan-coordinat.html.

Thank you to Hugh Campbell in Brockville for sharing this information with us.