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UPDATE: 25 chapters set to participate in World Water Day

Today is March 1, just three weeks before World Water Day.

So far, 25 chapters have indicated they will be participating in events this year (with some doing multiple activities).

– 14 chapters (Comox Valley, Edmonton, Lethbridge, Red Deer, Moose Jaw, Winnipeg, Brockville, Hamilton, London, Windsor, Ottawa, Montreal, South Shore, and North Shore) will be showing films, including Bottled Life (with 7 screenings), Water On The Table (3), Tapped (2), and White Water/ Black Gold, Blue Gold, and Dead In The Water (1 screening each).

– 12 chapters (Vancouver, Victoria, Kamloops, Guelph, London, Ottawa, Peterborough, Toronto, Halifax, South Shore, North Shore, and Fredericton) will be supporting the ‘Water Is More Precious Than Gold‘ speaking tour this month with Vidalina Morales, a water justice activist from El Salvador.

– 2 chapters (Comox Valley and Prince Albert) will be working on either a bottled water resolution or a Blue Community resolution.

– And the Hamilton chapter will be doing school talks, the Peterborough and Prince Albert chapters will be working with Idle No More, the Edmonton chapter will be holding a panel discussion, and the Victoria chapter will be doing a flash mob action!

Chapter activists are encouraged to share news clippings, photos and other reports of their World Water Day activities.

If your chapter hasn’t yet organized for World Water Day (or let us know what you will doing for it), please do so. We hope to increase the number of chapters participating in World Water Day actions to at least 35. To look at suggested ways to participate, please go to http://canadians.org/worldwaterday.