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UPDATE: 25 years of Council activism

The Council of Canadians will be celebrating 25 years of activism this year.

Our first media release – issued on March 11, 1985 – stated, “The formation of a new national organization was announced today in Ottawa. The Council of Canadians has as its fundamental goals, a new and better Canada with more and better jobs for Canadians, a higher standard of living for Canadians, and a sovereign Canada that plays an important role among the world community of nations.”

Some of the first members of the Council of Canadians included Maude Barlow, David Suzuki, Mel Hurtig, Tommy Douglas, Marion Dewar, Lloyd Shaw, Doris Anderson, Margaret Atwood, Margaret Laurence, Pierre Berton, Stephen Clarkson, Walter Gordon, and Gordon Laxer.

To see that first media release, go here.

To see a timeline of our political activism developed for our 20th anniversary, please go to Canadian Perspectives here.

More news on our plans to mark the anniversary are coming soon.