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UPDATE: 5,000 Site 41 petitions delivered

Today, 5,000 petitions calling for provincial action against Site 41 and for the protection of groundwater were delivered to Ontario environment minister John Gerretsen’s constituency office in Kingston.

While Simcoe County Council recently voted for a one-year moratorium on Site 41, and may vote to abandon the project this coming Tuesday, the provincial government has still not taken action on this issue, nor has it moved to ensure there are no future landfills built on aquifers in the province.

The petitions were delivered to Gerretsen’s office staff by me and communications officer Matthew Ramsden.

The petitions were signed by Council of Canadians members from British Columbia to Newfoundland opposed to Site 41, a landfill that would have been built on top of the purest source of water in the world.

Photo: Brent Patterson delivering petitions to MPP Gerretsen’s office.