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UPDATE: 73,156 sign petition against nuclear shipments on the Great Lakes

The Council of Canadians has launched a petition campaign calling on “the governments of Canada and Ontario to stand up for the safety and protection of the public and our shared environment by banning all nuclear shipments on the Great Lakes.”

The petition states, “We know how dangerous nuclear power can be — if anything goes wrong with the handling or storage of radioactive materials, widespread disaster follows. We can’t afford risky radioactive shipments to take place in one of North America’s most cherished ecosystems — the Great Lakes. Yet the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission approved a plan to ship 16 radioactive steam generators on the Great Lakes, even though First Nation communities, city mayors, US senators, environmental groups and social justice organizations oppose the shipment.”

“It’s not too late to stop this shipment and protect the Great Lakes and the environment, wildlife and people who live nearby: before the shipment is made, the company must get permits from municipalities along the travel route, including many in Canada.”

The petition – initiated on April 15 – has now been signed by more than 73,000 people. To add your signature, please go to http://www.thepetitionsite.com/takeaction/214/367/304/.