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UPDATE: Barlow in Mexico (day four)

Maude Barlow is in Mexico to participate in the Permanent Peoples’ Tribunal on the impacts of dams, to visit Real de Catorce where a proposed mine threatens sacred land and local water, and to speak at a public forum in Mexico City on the right to water. This is her fourth blog from this trip.

The PPT panel works on its verdict in a hotel room in Guadalajara.

Less exciting day! The jury and team holed up in a room on a beautiful sunny day in the heart of Guadalajara. Didn’t get out once! Meals in the hotel. Would not want to be in a real-life sequestered jury!

But these are wonderful, dedicated people who know that this is the only document on dams and displacement that will go to the Permanent Peoples’ Tribunal to be included in its final declaration in 2014. So we are taking the time and care we need to do it right.

Yesterday ended in Temacapulin with a ceremony, an exchange of solidarity, group photos and many tears. I hated leaving that lovely village as dusk was gathering and know I left a small part of my heart behind.

We will work into the night on the document. Tomorrow is a press conference here then on to Mexico City for an evening session on the right to water.

Temaca Viva!

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