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UPDATE: Blue Planet expresses concern about Esperanza gold-silver mine

The Xochicalco ecological reserve.

The Xochicalco ecological reserve.

The Blue Planet Project/ Proyecto Planeta Azul has joined with other groups to sign a letter of opposition to the proposed Esperanza open pit gold-silver mine, which is located in the state of Morelos in south-central Mexico, about 110 kilometres south of Mexico City.

The statement notes (in Spanish), “Water, both surface and groundwater would be one of the most severely impacted natural resources, and not only because of the enormous amount of water that require open pit mines for ore leaching (they do with cyanide), following operations, abandoned mines without work or without appropriate locking closures severely contaminate water and soil of the region. …The mining project is located near the Sabine River (some sections are even within the traverse of the project), so the pollution that the mine would generate impacts on biodiversity and water resources throughout region.”

Dia de Morelos reports (in Spanish), ‘There are concerns about decreased tourism and effects on health and ecological destruction, if Esperanza carries out its open-pit mine. While the mining company says it will not destroy the Xochicalco ecological reserve, the Secretary of Sustainable Development, the State government, academics and specialists in geology, hydrology, flora and fauna at the National Autonomous University of Mexico and Autonomous University of Morelos all have concerns about the impacts of the mine.’ In another article in the same newspaper, Topiltzin MacBeath Contreras, the Secretary of Sustainable Development in the state, says the mine will pollute the water with cyanide.

And highlighting how the mining company is seeking to win over the local population, El Sol de Cuernavaca reports (in Spanish), ‘On February 19, the mayor of Temixco and representatives of the mining company visited a water well repaired by the mining company, and pledged to repair the Church and pave streets.”

The other groups signing the statement of concern include Centro Mexicano de Derecho Ambiental/ the Mexican Center for Environmental Law; Guardianes de los Árboles/ Keepers of the Trees; Acción Ecológica/ Ecological Action; La Academia Nacional de Investigación y Desarrollo/ the National Academy of AC Research and Development; and Fundación Pinar del Bosque/ Pinar del Bosqu Foundation.