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UPDATE: The Blue Planet Project at the World Social Forum

The World Social Forum will bring together an estimated 70,000 activists from around the world to Tunisia from March 26-30.

Among the stated objectives of the World Social Forum, it will seek to:
– help strengthen Arab social networks
– promote cooperation and with and among international movements
– challenge the economic model of resource extraction
– promote a paradigm shift to local economies
– mobilize youth and women

While in Tunis, the Blue Planet Project will:
– participate in a Water Justice Day movement discussion on March 25
– convene a global water movement roundtable discussion on next steps to implement the right to water on a country-by-country basis, as well as within international forums, including the United Nations
– provide workshops on violations to the right to water in relation to mining and dams
– meet with water movement activists from around the world, including Food & Water Watch, the Transnational Institute, Focus on the Global South, Public Services International, and Via Campesina
– discuss emerging issues with the water justice movement in North Africa
– meet with each other in person to do campaign planning for 2013-14

We are pleased to be joined by our allies from Canada and Quebec at this World Social Forum, including the Indigenous Environmental Network, the Polaris Institute, and Alternatives.

Blue Planet Project founder Maude Barlow has attended five World Social Forums, beginning with the first one in 2001.

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