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UPDATE: Campaign wins since last summer

As Council of Canadians activists and supporters look forward to their summer break, this may be a good opportunity for us to look back at the wins that we have achieved together since last summer.

Those wins include:
WIN! Victoria becomes a blue community (June 24)
WIN! Alnwick/Haldimand passes CETA resolution (May 18)
WIN! 75-day extension to Melancthon quarry comment period (April 27)
WIN! Winnipeg P3 contract made public, scaled back (April 27)
WIN! New Tecumseth passes CETA resolution (April 19)
WIN! Nova Scotia to conduct review on fracking (April 6)
WIN! No offers to be exchanged during April CETA talks (April 6)
WIN! P3 water project in Mission rejected (April 5)
WIN! Burnaby becomes a Blue Community (March 22)
WIN! Vermont water as a public trust law challenges quarry permit (March 3)
WIN! London rejects Nestle’s pressure to end bottled water ban (March 2)
WIN! Nestle-backed motion to end London bottled water ban fails, for now (February 16)
WIN! Inverness County council supports Nova Scotia-wide fracking ban (February 15)
WIN! Judge orders construction of Zapotillo dam suspended (February 11)
WIN! Calgary city council votes against fluoridation of drinking water (February 9)
WIN! Kalahari Bushmen win right to water in Botswana court decision (January 27)
WIN! Appeal for gravel mine permit on Alberta aquifer denied (January 21)
WIN! PEI agrees to pursue more transparency on GM salmon proposal (January 13)
WIN! Victoria becomes a blue community (June 24)
WIN! New Westminster freeway connector blocked (December 31)
WIN! GE can’t assemble low-enriched uranium fuel bundles in Peterborough (December 23)
WIN! Moncton stops selling its drinking water for fracking (November 17)
WIN! Glacier Howser project derailed (November 16)
WIN! Moncton says no to fracking in Turtle Creek watershed (November 16)
WIN! Langley freeway connector turned down (November 16)
WIN! Harper government rejects the Prosperity Mine (November 2)
WIN! UN ministerial agrees to moratorium on geo-engineering (October 29)
WIN! Harper agenda rejected by UN General Assembly (October 12)
WIN! UBCM calls for local exemption from CETA (October 1)
WIN! Red Deer County rejects gravel quarry on alluvial aquifer (September 21)
WIN! Millbrook, Ontario water diversion defeated (August 4)
WIN! Citizens for Quality Health Care prevent health care layoffs and closures (July 30)
WIN! UN General Assembly passes historic Human Right to Water and Sanitation resolution (July 28)

And notable wins by our allies this year include:
WIN! Chilean court suspends Patagonia project (June 21)
WIN! Italians reject water privatization, market rules on water pricing (June 14)
WIN! Big step forward for the right to water in Mexico (May 4)
WIN! French court rejects Suez lawsuit against FLOW (November 19)

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