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UPDATE: Civil society issues a challenge for Rio+20

We are in the Gasometro, the home-base of this thematic social forum (forum social tematico) in Porto Alegre, for a session on the ‘Public act towards the Peoples’ Summit at Rio+20′.

Speaker after speaker from various countries are denouncing the green economy. One speaker highlights, “The green economy wants to legitimize capitalism which is in crisis.”

Pablo Solon says our struggle against the green economy must have a clear message, “nature cannot be privatized.” Theologian Leonardo Boff made a similar condemnation of the green economy at another forum earlier this afternoon.

And there appears to be a call for global days of action on June 5-10 (June 5 being a day for the environment; June 10 a day against the green economy), street protests on June 15-16-17, and for the launching of a permanent people’s assembly on June 18.

A South African speaker said we must mobilize in every city in every country to have the alternative and the legitimacy when the movement says no to the green economy.

With that a challenge has been issued to Canadian civil society to mobilize along with activists around the world.