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UPDATE: The Council of Canadians celebrates 25 years!

Twenty five years ago today, a news release was issued announcing the formation of The Council of Canadians, which has since grown into Canada’s largest member-based social justice organization.

Over the years, the Council of Canadians has led the campaigns that defeated the Multilateral Agreement on Investment and the Security and Prosperity Partnership, successfully fought the mergers of Canada’s big banks, helped block the introduction of bovine growth hormone in Canada, won bottled water bans in over 60 communities and, most recently, helped to protect the Alliston Aquifer from contamination.

To see our media release marking this anniversary, please go to http://canadians.org/media/other/2010/10-Mar-10.html.

We have a very busy and exciting 25th anniversary year planned, including as a highlight our intervention at the G20 summit in Toronto on June 25-27.

Also, be sure to note that our 25th annual general meeting will take place October 22-24 in Ottawa. That is the same week as the fifth and critical round of Canada-European Union Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement negotiations in this city. This means we have a real opportunity to have our members from across the country directly protest these talks and advocate for trade justice.

Happy 25th everyone!