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UPDATE: The Council of Canadians fracking campaign

On September 22, the Council of Canadians participated in the ‘Global Frackdown’ worldwide mobilization, and will do so again this coming October 19.

How have we challenged fracking over the past five months?

1- We are on the cusp of winning a municipal bylaw that would ban fracking that we hope we set a precedent for other municipalities to pass similar resolutions.

2- We have helped to form a new anti-fracking coalition in Prince Edward Island, and are seeking to do the same in other provinces.

3- Our chapters have been mobilizing and in the media opposing fracking.

4- We are monitoring the Harper government’s failure to take action to protect water and the environment from fracking.

5- We have called on the Ontario government to ban fracking.

6- We have helped to equip activists to comment about fracking during the ‘Water Conversation’ now taking place in Alberta.

7- We have extended our solidarity to the Fort Nelson First Nation and their demand to protect their water against the impacts of fracking on their territory.

8- We continue to oppose the Pacific Trails fracked-gas pipeline.

9- We have highlighted that trade deals and major energy deals will only worsen the impacts of fracking in Canada.

10- We have commented that the commodification of wastewater does not make fracking more environmentally sustainable.

For more about our ‘Don’t Frack With Our Water’ campaign, please go to http://canadians.org/fracking.