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UPDATE: Council of Canadians to protest the World Water Congress in Montreal

Next week, the World Water Congress will take place in Montreal. Sponsored by Suez Environnement, Veolia Water, the Oil Sands Developers Group, and Environment Canada, the focus of their meeting will be on how to profit from water scarcity and private water services.

The Council of Canadians will be on the streets outside this meeting to protest their ‘water for profit’ agenda. We will be holding our protest on Monday September 20 from 12 noon to 2 pm at Place Riopelle in front of the Palais des Congrès, where the World Water Congress is taking place.

I will be there along with Council of Canadians water campaigner Meera Karunananthan, Ontario-Quebec organizer Mark Calzavara, media officer Dylan Penner, communications officer Matthew Ramsden, development officer Helene Bertrand, Board member Abdul Pirani, members of the Montreal chapter, and representatives of our Quebec-based allies.

Our action will be simple, but to the point. We will hold at the main entrance to the Palais des Congrès a 9-foot wide blue fabric banner with the words ‘Public Water Is A Human Right’ and ‘L’eau publique est un droit humaine’ on it for all to see. Each foot of the banner will represent 100 million people worldwide who have no access to safe drinking water. The banner will be 26-feet long, with each foot representing the 100 million people who have no access to basic sanitation.

Those entering the Palais des Congrès – especially those with Suez, Veolia, Environment Canada and other sponsors – will be asked to sign the banner.

We will also be leafleting passersby on Rue Saint Antoine Ouest in front of the Palais des Congrès with a handbill highlighting that the Harper government opposes recognition of the human right to water and sanitation, and urging them to contact their Member of the National Assembly and Member of Parliament to demand action to change this. Those passing by will also be asked to sign our banner.

To help promote this protest, we are hoping to place on-line ads on two popular arts and news magazine websites in Montreal, as well with campus radio. We are also encouraging our friends at Eau Secours, AQOCI, CUPE and Alternatives to spread the word. If you are in Montreal this coming Monday, please join us!

For more information on this event, please contact Mark at mcalzavara@canadians.org or Montreal chapter activist Abdul Pirani at abdul.pirani@cgocable.ca.

Manifestation contre le Congrès mondial de l’eau
L’eau publique est un droit humaine !

Du 19 au 24 septembre, Suez et Véolia seront parmi les multinationales réunies à Montreal  au Congrès mondial de l’eau afin de promouvoir une vision de l’eau comme marchandise. Sous le prétexte de proposer des solutions ces profiteurs de la crise mondiale de l’eau feront campagne pour la privatisation des services et la vente des ressources en eau qui se raréfient. Joignez-vous au  Conseil des Canadiens pour une manifestation le 20 septembre qui dénoncera l’agenda du Congrès mondial de l’eau.

Temps: Le lundi, 20 septembre a midi
Lieu: Place Riopelle (devant le Palais des Congrès)
Pour de plus amples renseignements: mcalzavara@canadians.org, abdul.pirani@cgocable.ca