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UPDATE: Council at Melancthon quarry protest in Toronto, Sept. 30

NOW Magazine in Toronto reports, “Help protect Ontario potato farming and the water system by attending a rally against the Melancthon mega- quarry, Friday (September 30), 3:30 pm. Organizers celebrate movement successes thus far, including the forging of a broad urban-rural coalition and winning an environmental assessment, and aim to maintain the focus needed to finally ditch this 930-hectare monster.”

The North Dufferin Agricultural and Community Taskforce (NDACT) notes, “We hope you will join us on September 30th to hear from farmers, foodies, Council of Canadians, First Nations and city folks as we move forward in our effort to protect Ontario’s water, prime farmland and the environment for future generations.”

They add, “We are celebrating how far the Stop the Mega Quarry movement has come over the past six months. We have united country and city in a campaign to preserve the headwaters of a vital part of our province and thousands of acres of prime farmland that feeds us. We made history earlier this month when the provincial government announced an unprecedented Environmental Assessment for the proposed mega quarry under the Environmental Assessment Act. We will celebrate this achievement. But we also recognize there is much work to do in the months and, likely, years ahead. In many ways, our campaign is just the beginning.”

For more on the campaign against the Melancthon quarry please see http://canadians.org/blog/?s=melancthon and http://canadians.org/water/index.html.