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UPDATE: Council to participate in protest against Goldcorp in Toronto

Toronto-based Council of Canadians trade campaigner Stuart Trew will participate in the ‘Crash the Goldcorp Bash’ protest taking place in Toronto today. The protest is being organized by the Amnesty International Toronto Office, Breaking the Silence Toronto, CAMIGUA (La Coalición internacional contra la minería injusta en Guatemala) and the Mining Injustice Solidarity Network.

Those groups say, “The Goldcorp Annual General Meeting is taking place on April 26th near Timmins, Ontario. But here in Toronto we want to make sure that people hear about Goldcorp’s shameful human rights and environmental record at its mining sites. Join us as we rally outside of Goldcorp’s Toronto office with newspapers with the headlines that don’t usually get printed and then march to Dundas Square where there will be street theatre and information handed out during the pedestrian scramble. We invite you to bring your own newspaper to get a headline pasted on and to add your voice to the thousands of who continue to struggle against mining injustices.”
The Council of Canadians is organizing a ‘Shout Out Against Mining Injustice’ this June 1-2 in Vancouver. Two of the speakers at the ‘Shout Out’ have been active in campaigns against Goldcorp. Rodolfo Arteaga of the Comité Regional Ambientalista is opposed to the Goldcorp San Martin gold mine in Valle de Siria, Honduras. And Jose Guadalupe Gomez of Consejo de los Pueblos del Occidente is opposed to the Goldcorp Marlin gold mine in Guatemala.

To read Council of Canadians chairperson Maude Barlow’s first-hand account of her visit to the Marlin mine in Guatemala, click here.

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Photos by Stuart Trew

In their media release after the action, the groups noted, “Brandishing large caricature-size newspapers and hand-crafted headlines, 30 or so protestors marched from Goldcorp’s headquarters in Toronto to Dundas and Yonge intersection where they intermittently posed at the intersection holding out headlines pointing to Goldcorp’s poor environmental and human rights records throughout Mesoamerica, and the recent insider trading scandal involving chairman Ian Telfer. This event is one of many actions throughout Latin America being organized in light of the annual Goldcorp shareholders meeting in South Porcupine, Ontario where affected community members will appeal to shareholders to demand increased corporate accountability. There is growing concern that Goldcorp will cease operations at its site in San Marcos, Guatemala without establishing adequate measures for clean-up and compensation.”