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UPDATE: Council to protest the World Water Congress today

A Council of Canadians team is in place in Montreal now preparing for a protest at noon.

The Canadian Press reports that, “A call to end the privatization of municipal water is expected to spill onto the streets Monday outside the World Water Congress in Montreal.”

“The Council of Canadians has planned a demonstration to denounce privately run community services like wastewater and potable water. The citizens’ organization insists the resource should not be controlled by companies that put profits before environmental standards and equal access.”

“Protesters plan to unfurl an eight-metre-wide banner emblazoned with the message ‘Water Is A Human Right’ on the street outside the conference centre. They hope to persuade many of the conference’s 3,000 delegates to autograph the giant flag in support.”

“Meera Karunananthan of the Council of Canadians points to the water congress’s corporate sponsors, and describes it as a promotional event for the private sector. ‘We want to draw attention to the fact that this is a conference that’s aimed at promoting private solutions for the world water crisis,’ said Karunananthan, the organization’s national water campaigner. We see water services as being so vital that it needs to be governed by the public sector in the public interest to ensure that all people have equal access.'”

“The congress is sponsored by private multinational water companies like Veolia Water and Suez Environnement. But (despite this) organizers insist the event is geared for everyone who works in water, not just those in the private industry.”

For more on the privatization agenda of the World Water Congress, see ‘NEWS: World Water Congress sees profit in water’ at http://canadians.org/campaignblog/?p=4437.

The Canadian Press article is at http://www.winnipegfreepress.com/canada/breakingnews/global-water-conference-in-canada-to-be-used-for-anti-privatization-protest-103238089.html.