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UPDATE: Council supports Galloway visit to Halifax, Nov. 18

On March 20, 2009, the Guardian newspaper reported that, “(Canadian) border security officials (have) declared (British Member of Parliament George) Galloway, 54, ‘inadmissible’ because of his views on Afghanistan and the presence of Canadian troops there and would be turned away if he attempted to enter the country.” That same day, on the basis of the right to free speech, the Council of Canadians called on the Harper government to allow Mr. Galloway into Canada, http://canadians.org/campaignblog/?p=237.

Mr. Galloway’s ‘inadmissibility’ into the country was later challenged in the Federal Court. Rabble.ca reported in late-September that, “Federal Court Justice Richard Mosley issued his 60-page decision on the matter, Galloway and his supporters were fully vindicated.” More on that at http://www.rabble.ca/news/2010/09/what-galloway-court-decision-means-free-speech-canada.

Now, the Council of Canadians is working with the Halifax Peace Coalition and the Canadian Union of Postal Workers to support a public forum with Mr. Galloway in Halifax on Thursday November 18. Mr. Galloway says, “I’m looking forward to speaking in person with the many Canadians who have defended their right to hear me, including those who disagree with me. I’m also looking forward to challenging Jason Kenney to a public debate, who has yet to account for his role in trying to keep me out of Canada.”

Mr. Galloway’s tour includes the following cities: Montreal (Nov. 17), Halifax (Nov. 18), Toronto (Nov. 20), Hamilton (Nov. 21), Vancouver (Nov. 22), Calgary (Nov. 23), Yellowknife (Nov. 24), Edmonton (Nov. 25), Winnipeg (Nov. 26) and Ottawa (Nov. 27). To read more about Mr. Galloway’s ten city tour across Canada, please go to http://www.georgegalloway.com/. The national media sponsor for the tour is rabble.ca, http://www.rabble.ca/news/2010/10/george-galloway-announces-10-city-speaking-tour-canada.