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UPDATE: G20 planning meetings in Toronto

This evening in Toronto more than 125 people squeezed into a small meeting space on College Street to plan demonstrations against the G20, which will meet in this city on June 26-27.

Council of Canadians staff and chapter activists were present at this meeting.

In opposition to the destructive and undemocratic agenda of the G20, the following calendar is starting to emerge.

– June 21 to 24: it is anticipated that there will be events and actions on the themes of environmental justice, economic justice, justice for migrants, and justice for indigenous peoples.

– June 25: there will be a march to a key area in the city, with details to come later.

– June 26: a family friendly demonstration and march will take place sometime during the day and other actions perhaps later in the day.

– June 27: there will be a debrief and consultation.

Tomorrow evening in Toronto we will also be present for a 5-hour planning meeting for the Peoples’ Summit, which is scheduled to take place the weekend prior to the G20 summit.