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UPDATE: Golden chapter direct action camp, August 19-21

A media release this summer highlights that, “The Golden Chapter of the Council of Canadians has hired the California based Ruckus Society to offer a 2 and a half day series of workshops to help you expand your Direct Action toolbox.” “The 2 and a half days will cover a variety of different areas. The Direct Action sessions will focus on the rural resistance of Ruin-of-the-River IPP hydro projects in the Kootenays but will also include workshops on topics ranging from non-violent direct action, blockades 101, environmental justice, media, art and activism, campaign planning and more.  The camp will provide useful tools in any social justice campaign including but not limited to; Peace initiatives, union organizing and strikes, health care activism, feminist action, indigenous rights, environmental activism, human & animal rights, social equality, eliminating poverty, or food security initiatives.” “August 19th will be open to the public at Jita’s Café from 7 pm to 9 pm with some speech’s from the trainers Jess Bell & Harjap Grewal and a meet and greet function. The guts of the event will be all day on Saturday and Sunday and registration is necessary to attend.” “Activists from outside of Golden are invited and welcome and limited billeting is also available for out of town folks. …Suggested donation for the weekend is $20 but no one will be turned away due to lack of funds.  To register for the Council of Canadians Direct Action camp or to find out more contact Trevor Hamre at thamre@hotmail.com or call 250-344-4668 or 250-344-6633.”