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UPDATE: Hamilton chapter raises support for 24-7 Legal Fund

Photo by Mark Calzavara

Photo by Mark Calzavara

Yesterday evening, Council of Canadians Board member Steven Shrybman spoke at a public forum organized by the Hamilton chapter titled ‘It’s Time to Take Back Our Democracy!’.

About 200 people were in attendance for this meeting. While the event was free, donations for the Council of Canadians Democracy 24-7 Legal Fund were encouraged. Kathie Clark from the Hamilton chapter has told us that $1457.30 was collected for Democracy 24-7 last night.

Prior to the event, Wave.fm reported, “Mr. Shrybman will share an update on the election fraud legal challenges that seek to overturn 2011 federal election results in seven ridings. (The other speaker, Rick) Salutin has written extensively on issues of democracy and will speak about the current state of democracy in Canada.

 …(The Council of Canadians Hamilton chapter is) offering this community forum in partnership with a group of Hamilton organizations committed to fostering public engagement and more direct public involvement in the democratic process.”

Kathie notes, “Steven and Rick spoke very well and stimulated a lot of questions in the discussion period.”

The Facebook page for the event is at https://www.facebook.com/events/365206613588088/. A campaign blog that promoted the event can be read at http://canadians.org/blog/?p=20629.