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UPDATE: Idle No More protest in Ottawa today

10:45 am: Hundreds are getting ready to walk to Parliament Hill (and perhaps beyond) from Victoria Island this morning. This is the scene inside the fenced-area on the island, you can see Chief Theresa Spence’s teepee on the right.  The Council of Canadians stands in solidarity with Chief Theresa Spence and Idle No More. Council activists are taking part in Idle No More protests across the country today.

12 pm: Crossing the bridge en route to Parliament Hill.

12:30 pm: Powerful drumming on Wellington Avenue near the Supreme Court of Canada.

1 pm: Word comes that Maude Barlow will be returning her Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee medal as the entranceway to Langevin Block (the Prime Minister’s Office across the street from Parliament Hill) is briefly blocked. This is reportedly the location of the meeting between the prime minister and some Chiefs.

2 pm: Another amazing Idle No More protest on Parliament! Shame on the prime minister and governor-general for failing to meet this moment with respect for First Nations and instead continuing to act as an oppressive and colonial regime.

For Council of Canadians blogs in support of Idle No More and Chief Spence, please see http://canadians.org/blog/?s=%22idle+no+more%22 and http://canadians.org/blog/?s=%22chief+theresa+spence%22.

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