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UPDATE: Ivison no fan of the Council of Canadians

This fellow, National Post columnist John Ivision, doesn’t seem to like the Council of Canadians very much.

On the NDP opposing the Canada-China FIPA in November 2012: “Tom Mulcair has spent much of his time as leader turning down the volume on his party’s traditional ideology, so it’s strange that he now seems to have outsourced his trade policy to Maude Barlow and the Council of Canadians. …Ms. Barlow and her supporters are back and they’re driving the New Democratic trade bus.”

On the border security talks in December 2010: “Politics can be complicated but one time-saving way to arrive at an educated opinion is to find out what the Council of Canadians thinks and to then take the diametric opposite position. If Maude Barlow thinks the ’secret Canada-U.S. perimeter security plan’ is an ‘outrageous attack on the rights of Canadians’, it follows it must be a good thing.”

On free trade in April 2009: “Just as the Flat Earth Society remains insistent in its belief that the Apollo moon landings were a hoax based on an Arthur C. Clarke novel, so Maude Barlow’s Council of Canadians is still convinced that free trade is a cataclysm that will drain our industry, resources and sovereignty southward.”

On the NDP developing a ‘balanced’ trade policy in April 2012: “Stuart Trew, trade campaigner for the Council of Canadians, suggested the NDP wave last May would start a ‘fightback’ that would include demands ‘to stop signing trade deals that undermine workers, the environment, public services and democracy at home and abroad.’ Let’s hope he wasn’t expecting Mr. Mulcair to lead the charge.”

On the Trans Pacific Partnership in June 2012: “Maude Barlow of the ludicrous Council of Canadians was out front again, claiming the TPP is another trade negotiation that ‘will only benefit the 1%’. She seems to believe that if two wrongs don’t make a right, try three.”